The Art of a Successful Mini Session


Here at Sweet October Photography, I have two goals. I want my clients to have the best time, and I want to give them beautiful photographs. Mini sessions are just that. Short, sweet, and budget friendly. I know it’s stressful to get yourselves ready for a short 15 minutes with me, but I promise, it’s enough time. Here are my three top tips to a successful mini session.

#1: Be early. Nothing ruins a photo shoot like stress, and if you are sprinting to the location to get there 2 minutes late, and now we only have 13 minutes for the shoot, you’re going to inevitably be stressed! As my high school band director would say, “If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time, YOU ARE LATE!” haha!

#2: Have FUN. In fact, bring something with you that your family loves to do! Love to play catch in the backyard with a football? Bring one! Love to read picture books? Bring your favorite! Love to dance? Have your favorite songs ready to go on your phone. Love to eat? (don’t we all, lol!) Bring your favorite treat and chow down. Or mom and dad, bring your favorite adult beverage and toast yourselves while the kids go crazy pants running around you. I promise having these personal touches will set your family photos out from everyone else’s and make them so much more special. I am down for just about anything!

#3: Trust me. I’m going to ask you to do silly things, and ask you crazy questions, and other things that might (probably will) make you want to roll your eyes. Just trust me. You will love the pictures. :) :) :)

Christy TchaparianComment