The Reason I Became a Photographer


As with many things you will learn about me, the reason to the ins and outs of my life, my decisions, most everything really, will be my girls.  They are my light, my hope, and my everything.

When V was born, it seemed like the culmination of every heartbeat I had ever had in my entire life had been beating for that one moment.  And then her surprise, miracle sister, R, came along and just made our lives exponentially more full.  Full of joy, and laughter, and smiles.

I was gifted my very first DSLR camera from my hubby for our 10th wedding anniversary when our girls were three and one.  I previously had a higher end super zoom, that I kept on automatic (just point and click), and it was fine.  I have many treasured family memories that I photographed with that camera.  But my big girl camera...  Oh boy.  It was love at first sight.  I vowed that I would learn it inside and out and why not?  I had the two most beautiful muses in the whole universe.

It was exhilarating... with my new camera I was able to capture pictures so much more closely to the way I saw the images in my head.  And I was so thankful to have these concrete, never changing pictures of my ever quickly changing daughters.  The family photographs I have (though I think I'm  starting to annoy my girls with the frequency I have my camera in their faces, lol) I truly believe will be treasured by both of V and R when they are older.  I absolutely know they will be treasured by my hubby and me.

So fast forward to Sweet October Photography.   After plenty of  "When are you going to do this for other people?"s from hubby and many family and friends, I came to the realization that not much would make me happier than helping other people capture the memories in their lives the way I had been capturing ours.  If it was this important to me, it must be important to other people, too?  A good, loving push from my hubby, and here I am.  Blessed beyond belief.


My number one goal is this, I want my services to be accessible to many different budgets.  I believe that everyone should have beautiful and affordable photographs. Whether you need pictures of your squishy newborn, your energetic toddler, your silly, smart, and quirky kid, your handsome high school senior...  or you and the love of your life from the early days of your relationship, to engagement, to your small intimate wedding, to possibly starting a family, to growing old together...  or the humongo extended family who is actually all together from across the country for just one day, I full-heartedly dismiss the notion that professional portraits should be something only available to some.  I would hate for years to pass by without my clients having their precious memories documented because my services were not affordable.  This is not to say that my business won't be conducted professionally.  Communication is extremely important to me, so be ready for lots of texts and Facebook messages ;) I have an amazing, all digital process.  From invoicing to image delivery and download, you'll have access to everything easily and quickly, from basically anywhere you have your smartphone or laptop.  I also have a wonderful photo lab that I suggest using for prints which you can order directly from your online gallery.  But you can always print wherever is convenient and within your budget as well.

Goal number two is simple, I want you all to have just the best experience you can imagine.  To have an absolutely no-stress photo session where the end result is a snapshot of your life.  I want your kiddos to just be themselves, go bananas (I promise I've seen crazier), laugh (at my really bad jokes), jump and run (and give me a workout, haha!).  Because if you let them have fun, they're not going to fight you to come back and see Miss Christy for pictures the next time ;)  I want you and your partner to just act like yourselves, whether that's talking in silly movie quotes, or getting a cup of coffee and just enjoying each other's company.  I want my high schoolers to feel confident, calm, and to know I'm going to do everything I can to help them shine as themselves, not as the cookie cutter of what a 17/18 year old "should" look like.  I want my expectant and new parents to just breath...  this time is precious.  Relax, and fall even more in love with that sweet, squishy baby.

I just want to thank all of my clients that have trusted me so far!  It means the world to me that you allow me to tell your stories.  I can't wait to watch this little business of mine grow and develop.  And I can't wait to meet and make connections that turn into beautiful photographs, with all of you.  <3 <3 <3