Your Photographer's Guide to Wardrobe Choices

With a bunch of family portrait sessions booked in the next couple of months, I thought I would write a quick post about wardrobe coordination and suggestions!  What I want you to take away is, be comfortable, "go" don't "match", and love how you look!


Dads and older kiddos...  I'm talking to you first.  If dressing up is not your favorite, please think about how happy these pictures are going to make your wife and/or momma.  These photographs are going to be treasured, displayed in your home, and possibly spread all over social media. So, dress "up" but also try to be comfortable!  Jeans are ok by me as are khaki shorts, if they're ok by you!  That said...  wear nicer shoes than normal, and preferably a collared shirt (even if it's worn over a t-shirt that you can shed the moment I tell you we're done, lol) or sweater.

Outfit Help.jpg

As far as the little ones go I have two suggestions.  First,  I like to avoid characters on shirts unless it's something you are specifically wanting (do you want Blaze and the Monster Machines canvas size on your walls?  If yes, then go for it!).  And number two, if you want to dress them in nice clothes, please please please be ok with them getting a little messy.  If I see you all dressed in nice clothes I'll try to get the family shot first, so that we have one where everyone is all put together, but then I like to let them run and play.  They need to get their wiggles out and I promise you, those are the moments I get the biggest smiles and capture the sweetest memories.  Plus, there's always photographer's magic...  if the best family photo has a big smudge on little gals tights, it's no biggy to photoshop that bad boy out.

Ok moms.  This is really important.  I know we tend to put ourselves last.  We worry about everyone else and then it's like, "Oops!  What about me?!"  Here's what I'm going to tell you - think about yourself first!  Wear what makes you happy AND comfortable.  Honest to goodness, when it comes to family pictures, if you don't like the way YOU look, you aren't going to love your pictures.  So, if you have any insecurities, wear something that will help camouflage them.  Example, I am very self conscious about my upper arms.  So I would never wear a sleeveless dress for my photo shoot.  It also wouldn't hurt to communicate this to me before hand.  I have lots of tricks that I can use to show you in your best light. :)

Now, coordination!   To my eye, the most pleasing outfit sets include combinations of solids, patterns, and textures.  If you have everyone in the exact same color and texture it can leave you with flat images, and if you all have different patterns/textures it can look a little crazy pants.  My suggestion is to use your favorite piece as your starting point (mom's dress, son's top, daughter's skirt, etc), and then go from there.  I am always here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out!  If you have one piece you know you want, send me a picture and I can suggest some possible options, or you can text me the whole shebang and I can let you know how it will photograph.  If all else fails, Pinterest is your friend! Click here for an inspiration board I created, and here's a little visual I made up for my clients that may help. :)

As always, rules are made to be broken, so if you read any of that and thought "Psshhh!  I love my v-neck t shirts!"  Ignore me. LOL! 

In a nutshell:  Dads and older kiddos, dress "up"...  Have littles, wear something they can run/play in without worry...  Moms, love the way you look!  And all of you, have fun!

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