So, why Sweet OCTOBER Photography?

October is a special month for my husband and I. Both of our girls are October babies.

 279.365 Look close and you can see her two bottom adult coming in!  Big girl!  #tchapariangilrbigsis #tchaparianfamily365_2016

My oldest will be five in less than a week. And our little one will be 3 shortly after. It is honestly surreal. There was a time that my hubby and I believed we may never have a family of our own. And to now have these two little, amazing miracles… One born by science and one an unexpected little miracle. It’s overwhelming sometimes.

 285.365 Sticking with the B&W...  These girls can just slow down on the growing up, please.  #tchapariangirllilsis #tchaparianfamily365_2018

I think having been down a path of “I may never be the one thing I always wanted to be,” is part of my photography journey. To document everything, every, little, thing… it’s important to me. I want to remember every messy hair day, every cranky day, every new achievement, every relationship, every quirk, every sticky kiss, every squeeze hug, every super ninja kick… everything. And the best way for me to document that is through pictures. Solid, hold in my hand photographs.

It doesn’t slip past me that our girls’ birthdays coincide with Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month. Both of our girls are rainbow babies (babies born after a loss). We lost V’s embryo twin which didn’t make it to our 6 week sonogram after our implantation procedure, and we lost another miracle surprise baby in between both girls to a miscarriage. I think about the fact that V’s favorite thing in the world is rainbows (her sister loves them, too… just not with the veracity that V does), without any cajoling from me, and how that’s what I thought of her as for such a long time. So, yes… I take photos of them. Lots and lots of photos. Maybe to remind me of how lucky I am, and maybe to honor the siblings we never had the chance to know, and maybe to show gratitude for the life we have now. That I will not take these amazing little souls for granted.

So there’s the reason behind Sweet October Photography. I’m sure someone out there was wondering. <3

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